Testimonials from our clients:

 “I can’t say enough about how happy I am to be working with Gorov Music Marketing.  They are all about professionalism,               knowledge of the market and, incredible results. “ Walter Beasley

“Cliff and Jason are hands down the best in the biz with an ear for the music that is unmatched. Cliff and I have been friends for many years and his son Jason, well let’s just say the fruit doesn’t  fall far from the tree.  These are my guys and they are about excellence, class, and a joy to work with.”- Byron Miller

“As the world of media changes daily around us, there has remained one constant in the promotion of artists and their quest to achieve a career in music on the highest level and that is Cliff and Jason Gorov and their incredible team. I have had the great fortune of placing my music on radio in their hands since 1995.  I will be forever grateful for their efforts.” – Chris Botti 

“I have been fortunate enough to work with Cliff and Jason for the last twenty five years. Wow! That kind of longevity is a testimony to their expertise, insight and love of the music that they show, and in fact live every day. I can honestly say that the success I have enjoyed over the last decades has been substantially attributable to them. I am truly grateful for their help, guidance and friendship over the years.”  Much Love, Richard Elliot

“With their hard work & professionalism, “Gorov Music” has not only helped me reach #1 on every single Smooth Jazz Airplay Chart out there, but have been a major key in the overall success of my  career” – Jonathan Fritzen

“Quite honestly, it is difficult to list all of the positive impacts Gorov Music Marketing has had on my career. Not only do Jason and Cliff have an incredible ear for music, they are also extremely knowledgeable about the business and willing to share their insight and advice. They have promoted my music and supported me as an artist.” – Vincent Ingala

“Success in the music biz is a team effort, and for over 20 years an irreplaceable part of my team has been Cliff and Jason Gorov.  Their unerring ability to pick the hits and successfully promote them at radio is something I’ve relied on since the beginning of my career, and continue to be grateful for.  Even as I’ve moved between labels the working relationship with The Gorovs is something I’ve maintained, and I truly believe I couldn’t have done it without them!” – Boney James

“Simply put, Cliff and Jason are geniuses. They’ve been deeply involved in every one of my albums, as far back as I can remember…and I’ve lost count of how many singles they’ve helped propel to #1! I am forever indebted to the Gorov’s for the amazing passion they put into their work, their huge ‘ears’, and for their unflappable support and commitment. Even more importantly, they’re wonderful human beings who care deeply about music—I feel very honored to call them dear friends.” – Dave Koz

“Gorov Music Marketing put me on the map as an artist. My first single went #1 on Smooth Jazz Top 20, and Top 5 on Billboard.” – Greg Manning

“Gorov Music Marketing has been with me from the very beginning. Cliff has always given me great advise and has picked and promoted all of my single releases ever since my very first CD in 1990, including countless number one songs. Working alongside Cliff, Jason has been invaluable in promoting me and my music by setting up radio station interviews and in-store appearances along the way. Thanks to both of you- I couldn’t have done it without you!” – Peter White

“In my over 25 years of making records, I can easily say that the smartest business move I’ve made was choosing Gorov Music to promote me. My first single Mandela spent 9 months on the Billboard charts, hitting #1 on Smooth Jazz Top 20, #4 on Billboard, and was named #5 Song of The Year. Secret to my success… start with a good song and end with Gorov Music Marketing, the best of the best. Their integrity, passion, and love of music mirrors my own… and I’m honored to call Jason and Cliff, my friends.”  – Terry Wollman